Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer Happenings

Today, Howard asked me to help him. His storage company had called to say that they were doing some construction so they wanted to move his things from the present storage room. He was to make an appointment and could watch as professional movers moved his stuff to the new room of his choice. The good news is that he was able to get a new room on the same hall as my storage room. The bad news is horrible. Huge quantities of water had passed through everything he had stored. Many photographs were ruined (actually only one was not damaged although the mat for it was).

So what we thought was going to be a one or two hour move, turned out to take about six hours. Even after we left the storage location, I was washing items that we hoped could be salvaged.

After all that, I started the next project: removing rust from a metal cabinet I have at school so I could paint it. I got the rust off the bottom and put the first coat of primer on the bottom, one side and the top. Tomorrow, I hope to put the second coat of primer. I can tell that the school cleaners have already been in my school room to shampoo the carpet. I did not think they would start that until mid-August.

I am teaching summer school in a different school. It is another special education position working with autistic children. Before this summer, I had only worked with autistic children one-on-one. I was wondering what it would be like to work with a group. It has been wonderful. I love the children and the teacher assistants. The school has a wonderful system set up for teaching the children. They seem very happy and have learned a lot.

I am still teaching adults in the GED program in the evenings. My regular class is Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The Monday/Wednesday teacher could not teach in the summer, so they asked me to take his class. I found four nights a week a bit much and have worked it out that someone else takes the Wednesday evening class, so I have one night for myself.

That should catch up people with my summer life. I hope you all are enjoying yourselves.

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