Sunday, August 20, 2006

Laura's and Brandon's wedding

Friday, August 18, was Laura's and Brandon Stucki's wedding. I taught my night school class Thursday night (6:30 to 9:30 p.m.), had dinner with one of the other teachers, packed for the trip, and left for the airport for my flight to Houston. I rode with Sallie, Lindsay, and Mark from Houston to San Antonio for the reception. Because we are not Mormon, we could not go to the actual wedding in the temple. However, they had a ring ceremony at the reception. In the photo they are eating cake.

We stayed with Cousin Brett Morris and Mary Ann. It was wonderful to reconnect with Brett and Mary Ann. They have a lovely home and like David and Diane (parents of the bride) now have, Brett and Mary Ann have an empty nest. Brett and Mary Ann have eight grandchildren now!

We had a family brunch with David and Diane Saturday morning. Then our carload followed Brett and Mary Anne to the river walk in downtown San Antonio. After walking, we had lunch at Johnny Rockets.

I am now in Houston, but will be back in New York this evening.

[Posted first on August 20, 2006 on MySpace, which is where I keep up with my nieces and nephews.]

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