Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daniel Janzen, Biologist

I have met very interesting people through Esther Dyson (on Wikipedia). The most recent such person is Dan Janzen as Esther encountered him at Science Foo Camp (on Wikipedia), hosted by O'Reilly and Google. Esther "captured" Dan in a most amazing photo.

Dan Janzen is a person you may want to know more about. Pick and choose from these lists:
Various Bios
Discover Life in America on Dr. Janzen


Blog entries about Dr. Janzen
A group of Googlers (employees of Google) are studying how structured data can be used in a web search. In pursuit of this question, they spent some time with Dr. Janzen.

Articles about Dr. Janzen or his work
Essay or Lecture
Books Dr. Janzen contributed to
Biodiversity and Human Health found preview editions of Google Books. This page has links to Amazon and other sources of the book and reviews.

Articles or books that mention Dr. Janzen

eMail conversation with Dan Janzen
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bz said...

Hi wondering how to get in touch with you directly. Meanwhile:
Thanks, Brad Zlotnick
Bradley Zlotnick, MD, FACEP

Marjorie said...

I assume you wish to contact Dr. Janzen, not me. Use the second link of the post: "Faculty page at the University of Pennsylvania." It has contact information for Dr. Janzen.

bz said...

Hi Marjorie,

Just checking this back, while sitting in ACG, with Bill Allen at my side. I actually did want to contact you, and learn more about your interest/history leading to your great post. I've referred a number of people to it since finding it. I think you have a very interesting page about my teachers and friends Dan and Winnie. Meanwhile, Bill Allen is here in the course of updating Green Phoenix, and we're discussing how ACG will definitely not die when Dan does :) If you're willing to be in touch via conventional email (or linked-in?), would you please email me at As you can see, it can take me a while to get back to this blog thing! And of course, you're always welcome to come visit here in ACG to see for yourself. Best wishes,
Thanks, Brad Zlotnick
Bradley Zlotnick, MD, FACEP
San Diego, CA

Marjorie said...

Hi Bradley,
I will get in touch with you.