Sunday, April 08, 2007

Adam Greenfield

Esther Dyson posted this photo of Adam Greenfield on March 27, 2007 at the Emerging Technology Conference or E-Tech. So I decided to find out who Adam Greenfield is.

Adam on himself
Adam on Wikipedia
Adam in the introduction to his book, Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing (Paperback)
Adam's award-winning website
Adam's personal blog, Speedbird
Adam's involvement in Etech

And one more: Adam on Studies and Observations, which focus on the ideas in his book.

Wanna see a video of his talk given at Keio University (Japan) on July 15, 2006 (about the ideas in the book)? Be prepared for a 4.5 minute intro followed by one hour 20 minutes. You may find yourself listening longer than you think. The site says the video was downloaded 873 times. The panel discussion is not included n the video.

In the video, Adam discusses ubiquitous computing that exists today such as the
- octopus card in Hong Kong,
- BodyMedia Senseware pack (called bodybugg on the web site where the photo matches the photo in Adam's presentation),
- Georgia Tech's Smart floor (1999),
- Sensacell (used in a club in NYC),
- Japan's Shinjuku RFID lamppost that tells you your location and services nearby to you such as public restrooms, transit stops, and
Starbucks special on a French vanilla latte.
- Internet toilet (Matsushita) that measures your weight, fat, blood pressure, heart beat, urine sugar, albumin and blood in urine and sends the report to your doctor (and whom else) using an Internet capable cell phone built into the seat (read 2/3's of the way down in the N.Y. Times report),
- New Songdo with a N. Y. Times article describing it. New Sondo is a complete community built from the ground up with ubiquitous computing devices.
- Mastercard Paypass 2005 which costs the consumer 25% more and which was poorly implemented,
- and more!

Adam's article on Institute for the Future with many of the same ideas as on the video above.

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