Tuesday, April 17, 2007

London's Eye

When I was last in London, there was no Eye! Ester Dyson's photos (April 11, 2007) keep me up to date with the world outside New York.

A few links for the Eye:

(+) Starting with this other photo by Esthr
(+) Official Site of the Eye and an Alternate address to same site
(+) Wickipedia on London Eye which gives the most info on how it was built, its history and interesting photos. It includes a panaroma view from the Eye (1MB). There is also some discussion of possible eviction from their present site.
(+) British Airways London Eye from a guidebook perspective
(+) an areal representation from New London Architecture showing the size of the installation
(+) Photo Guide to BA London Eye

My friend from high school was also snapping photos of the Eye. Here it is seen from a boat. Here is a view from on the Eye. Here is from inside the capsule.

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