Saturday, October 20, 2007

Review of Kensington Wireless Mouse

If this mouse had been a laser mouse, I would have kept it. I compared it with a laser Rocketfish wireless mouse, which is the mouse I now use.

That said, I loved the Kensington wireless mouse for its design and the planning that went into it.

The mouse is designed to work both with and without a wire.

The wire is hidden away inside the mouse and is there so you can continue working during an airplane's take-off and landing.

The mouse's top cover comes off to expose the battery compartment and the wire.

As with other wireless mice, the USB receiver is tucked away inside the mouse, in this case in its bottom.

The mouse automatically turns off when you insert the USB receiver into its slot.

The mouse was easy to hold, the shape is appealing, and the choice of colors (orange/silver or black/black) is greater than with other manufacturers. There are three other colors of similar looking mice by Kensington, but they are different. A silver mouse does not have the wired option; a red mouse has the wired option, but the wire does not store in the mouse; and a green mouse uses an Express card slot for connection instead of USB.

My only other concern with this mouse is that its flatness would tire my hand over time.

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