Friday, November 23, 2007

Discover History: Thanksgiving

There is one last web site that should be included in a review of the history of Thanksgiving. This is a post by Jeremy Bangs, Ph.D., Leiden University and a fellow of the Pilgrim Society. It is called, Thanksgiving on the net: Roast bull with cranberry sauce. It considers whether setting people straight about Thanksgiving myths is as much a part of Thanksgiving as "turkey, cranberry, and pumpkin pie."

Since I have been a vegetarian since about 1994, my turkey might be soy turkey and the pumpkin pie is without egg. Sometimes we have gone to a Turkish restaurant, Beyoglu's, on Thanksgiving where they did have a traditional turkey and cranberry meal for meat eaters and I could have a middle eastern vegetarian meal. My meal several years ago is pictured above. I don't have a photo for this year because Beyoglu's was closed for Thanksgiving this year.

So instead, we ended up at P. J. Clark's in Lincoln Center. The lighting was not so good for photos and I was so hungry that I ate the food forgetting to take the photo first. P. J. Clark's has really good food! The photo is the bar inside P. J. Clark's.

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