Friday, November 02, 2007

Some Library Resources

There are so many people cataloging and collecting information. Here are some links to a few recommended by my sister's friend who is a librarian.

"Multimedia Librarian is aimed at librarians and information professionals who work with multimedia formats. It is a forum for collecting resources relevant to the library and information science profession as it pertains to audio-visual materials. These include, but are not limited to, digital media (Web-delivered formats, DVDs, CDs, etc.) and instructional technologies comprised of more than solely print content. Multimedia Librarian aims to recognize audio-visual resources as invaluable to the profession of librarianship and the propagation of information literacy." [Description taken from the site.]

"DoIS (Documents in Information Science) is a service for finding and downloading the latest research results in Information Science. DoIS is a database of articles and conference proceedings published in electronic format in the area of Library and Information Science. DoIS is a volunteer effort to create a free bibliographic resource of scientific texts specialized in Information Science."
[Description taken from the site.]

Google Librarian Central: Your Official Source for Google News, Tips, and Updates. While it is run by an associate marketing director, she attended the ALA conference and is collecting information for librarians.

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